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We will keep you safe by keeping a watchful eye on things. We manage this using security cameras monitored by dedicated security officers at times you need them to. What happens if we spot something suspicious? We will immediately take the necessary measures, say by calling the police or turn on the siren. In short: WePrevent live and you are safe!

This is how our watch center works

We manage a dedicated team of qualified security officers located in control centres in offshore countries that can guarantee excellent internet connectivity. They work in shifts to ensure your property is monitored long-distance and non-stop. They actively keep an eye on your property, assisted by our advanced security software which immediately analyses all the live images. This software provides an additional back-up system to the live video surveillance security system. You can review all the observations made and any actions taken in your personal logbook.


We will make sure your current cameras are connected to our network, or we can install new ones. We will gladly help you choose a security camera to suit your needs.

In the control room our qualified security officers monitor all the live camera images. They have been trained to detect any potential threats to a property.

In case of an emergency we will follow the protocol we have agreed on. We can call you, the police, your neighbours, a specific security company and we turn on the siren.

Internationally certified for reliable information security!

You are safe & flexible

You can opt for non-stop live video surveillance, or choose specific times, say during the holidays. Returning home later than planned? You can arrange extra surveillance simply and swiftly via our app.

You decide with us in advance which protocol we will follow and we will stick to that agreement. The app gives you constant access to your logbook containing all our observations and data.

  Camera images are stored at one of your own properties and these will remain your property.

We offer

Live video surveillance subscription services

For ease and transparency, we offer live video surveillance via competitively-priced subscription services. All our products include our 24/7 support service. Do you think you may only occasionally need use of our services? Why not opt for our Safe and Flexible option? The flat fee for this package is a transparent €99 a year.

For more regular live video surveillance our other options would be ideal. You can always change your subscription for a while via our handy mobile service app. All you need to do is make sure you stay connected to us via a VPN server and a recorder which we will install on your property. The right subscription will allow you to enjoy the comfort of worry-free live video surveillance. We are always on hand to advise you and help you make the right choice.

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